Who DIS?

Carrie and Jonathan

We're married 30-somethings with no kids. We like to eat, talk about stuff we should do, and occasionally try to do some of that stuff.

Our Story

After many unlikely yet fortunate twists of fate, we married in 2015. Soon after, we decided it was time to take our first-ever international trip. We really wanted to backpack Europe but could "not" afford the time or funds. After Jonathan's organ harvesting and toilet-related fears were assuaged, Southeast Asia was booked! In Thailand, we met a ridiculously attractive couple from Latin America who shared with us their year-long travel plans. They'd already traversed the Americas and Europe and were looking forward to exotic locales like Laos, Cambodia, Singapore and Nepal. Among other questions, we inquired as to WHY they’d opt to put family and financial gain aside for a WHOLE YEAR. Their response to us (imagine a Shakira look-alike saying this in a sexy Latin accent): "Why not?" 

"Who are these crazy people who just leave everything behind?" we said to ourselves. "How can they navigate all these countries and cultures?! It took us twenty minutes to figure out which line to stand in to get our passports stamped! This is not a thing-and if it is a thing it must be strictly relegated for beautiful, cultured people with melodic accents and firm patooties. Not us. We're just hard-working Americans who use our 10 vacation days wisely."  

As we did/do with most new ideas, we started with "not." Not safe, not for us, not possible. However, as we settled back into our hectic, work/money/security-driven schedules at home, the “why not” seed planted by Venezuelan Fabio and his Latin-licious wife grew into wanderlust. We looked back on our lives individually and as a couple. We wondered what could have been if we'd dared to question our "not." Realizing change was necessary for growth, we made the conscious decision to not "not" as much.

Long story short, we took some risks and landed the opportunity to expat to Thailand! We almost said no and have nearly changed our minds about 100 times since making the decision to go for it. In the process of preparing for the move, we've realized that while we want to be adventurous people, letting go of the “not” is harrrrd…at least for us. Thus, Reluctant Adventurers was born! The purpose of this blog is to share our growth journey and adventures with you. Maybe you'll get something out of it or..."not."